Visual Thinking

Personalized artworks

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Why visual thinking?

Visual Storytelling Zakelijk Tekenen Hasse Cox
Zakelijk tekenen Hasse Cox

Many people (if not all) are visual thinkers. So having a visual to support your message helps people remember. The artwork anchors in the message!

In my opinion it’s THE way to make your story come across even stronger. In a playful and inspiring way.

That’s why I started drawing. To have a playful way to inspire others. I like to call myself a Visual Storyteller. Meaning I can capture ANY message in a visual.


If that’s something you are looking for let’s have a chat!

How does a visual thinker work?

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There are many different kind of messages or stories I can capture in an artwork! The only thing that I need is the story. 


  • You tell me the story you want visualized or I follow your live/ workshop/ masterclass
  • I use your colors/ brand style
  • I even incorporate other wishes you might have. For example: symbols/ visuals you often use or maybe a background you love.
  • Any canvas size is possible. So think about what you want to do with the drawing afterwards. For example: do you want a sqauare image, a rectangle one (horizontal/ vertical)?
  • When I share the drawing you can ask for minor changes like incorporate something or exclude something (when you want big changes I charge extra)
  • You get the drawing in a .jpg, .png or .pdf file
  • My signature is incorporated in the drawing.
  • You get the rights of the drawing, so can use it as you please!

Visual possibilities

A few examples of ways to use visual thinking in your communication strategy, branding or online training!


A simple artwork

You have one word, one sentence, one idea, one topic you want transformed into an artwork! For example: an intuition card, a postcard or an illustration.

Investment: from $ 133 USD per artwork (excl. VAT)





























































A Visual summary

You have an important story you want to tell in a visual way! Or maybe you want your company vision or strategy visualised. 

The price depends on the complexity of the artwork.

Investment: from $ 939 USD per artwork (excl. VAT)

Art for (online) trainings

You would like to have artworks that anchor in your teachings.

Feeling called to add specially desined artworks to your teachings? Why not get in touch to see what I can do for you!


































Are you serious about working with me, but looking for something specific?

Just ask, so we can explore together what I can do for you!

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